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We are a tiny team with two independent creators.

We love to craft digital products that make peoples’ live a bit better.


Full-stack Developer


PM & Designer

Story Behind Foca

Foca was created by two of us during the quarantine time. When the pandemic broke out in early 2020, both of us started to work from home with uneasiness. We found that our productivity was lower since there were lots of distractions when working from home. To improve our productivity, we learnt about the Pomodoro technique and tried several apps, but the experiences were not very satisfying. Meanwhile, since we were sitting at home all day long, we found the pains in our neck, shoulder, and back became severe.

The frustration makes us realize the importance of keeping productive and healthy especially when working remotely. "Why don't we create an app ourselves that can solve these problems?" We started to think about it. There must be lots of people like us who suffer from the same pains. If we can create an app to help people like us, it will be meaningful and exciting!

An idea struck us that we can create an app that combines Pomodoro technique with stretch exercises. We soon started to develop the concept into a concrete app which we named Foca. The logo design is derived from mind flow and eastern philosophy Bagua. We hope that users can achieve a state of calm and focused when using Foca, and further reach a work-life balance. Moreover, we applied minimalism in the app design and selected high-quality ambient sounds, to create an immersive focus experience. As for relieving the office syndrome, we integrated a refreshing stretch exercise with vivid illustrations and guidance.

After several months of hard work, we have released Foca in both Google Play and Apple Store. So far we have thousands of satisfying users all around the world. But we are just getting started. We are continuously improving Foca. And we hope it can reach more people, and help them to be productive and healthy at work.